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Types of Childhood Hearing Loss & Treatment

A child’s hearing plays a significant role in their success, both social and educational. In our last blog, we discussed common causes of hearing loss in children, hearing milestones, and signs of hearing loss to look out for. If you have noticed signs of hearing loss in your child, the first thing you will want to do is schedule an appointment for a hearing test. At Platinum Hearing Aids in Detroit, our team of audiologists are passionate about helping each patient get the best care and service. If hearing aids are needed, we’ll be there to provide all of the necessary details and fittings to ensure that patients are comfortable and informed. Give us a call today to learn more about our services. Types of Childhood Hearing Loss Co....

Childhood Hearing Loss: What to Know

As you can imagine, being able to hear plays a significant part in a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. When infants and toddlers are unable to hear, or have even mild hearing loss, it can affect how their speech and language develop, which can have lasting complications. Infants should get their first hearing test at around three months old in order to catch early signs of hearing loss so that treatment can begin right away. If your little one hasn’t had an exam, visit the audiologists at Platinum Hearing Aids in Detroit. Our team offers compassionate and nurturing care that will ensure your child has a pleasant experience. We hope their hearing is just fine, but if the need arises, we carry a full selection of he....

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