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Adjusting to a New Hearing Aid

At Platinum Hearing Aids in Allen Park and Southfield, MI our primary goal is to help our patients improve their hearing after hearing loss. The best way to help your ears after hearing loss is to wear a hearing aid. We provide our patients some of the best options when it comes to hearing aids in Southfield and Allen Park, MI. When getting new hearing aids, patients often don’t realize that there is a learning curve to wearing hearing aids. Most people need a few weeks to get used to sounds they haven’t heard in some time. Having realistic....

Do Earbuds Cause Hearing Loss?

As an audiologist in Southfield and Allen Park Michigan we see patients from Detroit, Dearborn, and other surrounding cities for all their hearing needs like hearing aids, hearing tests and more. Something that we would like to address to try and help prevent hearing loss is how earbuds should be used and how they can impact your hearing. Earbuds are convenient, small headphones that you wear in your ears to enjoy music, movies, and other media on your phone or other electronics. While these devices may be an easy way to listen to music or o....

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