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At some point, we all struggle with our hearing. It might be something subtle, such as having to turn the TV up a little louder to hear your show, or you might miss little sounds that you used to pick up while out for a walk. 

Hearing loss is something that most people over the age of 75 deal with, and one in five Americans will struggle with it at some point. But just because hearing loss is common doesn’t mean it’s something that can be ignored. The fact is, recognizing the signs of hearing loss and promptly addressing them can ensure a lifetime of hearing health and comfort. As the Detroit area’s go-to for audiology services, Platinum Hearing Aids is dedicated to helping you maintain high-quality hearing.

Can You Recognize the Common Signs of Hearing Loss?

  • You find it challenging to understand words.
  • You are watching people’s mouths as they speak to find out what they’re saying.
  • The volume on your TV, phone, computer, or radio is getting louder all the time.
  • You find yourself mumbling your words or muffling your speech.
  • Social situations frustrate you since you can’t figure out what’s being said.

What’s Causing Your Hearing Loss?

Hearing damage occurs more often than you might realize, and can occur in response to a variety of causes and factors


Age is perhaps the most obvious cause of hearing loss. As we age, the delicate structures in our inner ear begin to degrade and grow brittle. This is simply the result of a lifetime of enjoying good music, the sounds of daily life, and the occasional loud sound, like fireworks on the Fourth of July. 

Exposure to Loud Sounds

The next obvious cause of hearing loss is regular or excessive exposure to loud noises. Whether it’s from playing in a marching band or having a gun go off next to you, loud sounds can damage the cells of your inner ear. So if you’re working in a loud environment often, you might notice more pronounced hearing loss more quickly. Of course, even loud sounds that are short in duration can cause lasting damage to your hearing. It’s not unusual for those who work in construction, who have served in the military, or work and recreate in loud spaces to sustain some measure of hearing loss.

Genetics and Illnesses

There are also genetic and health factors to consider. In some cases, you might be disposed to hearing loss simply based on your family history and genetic makeup. Some folks just live with hearing loss earlier in their lives because everyone else in their family does too. Similarly, some diseases and illnesses can damage your hearing. For instance, any disease that causes a high fever can damage the cochlea within your ear. A common side-effect of the disease meningitis is hearing loss.

What You Should Do Next

If you’re struggling to keep up with conversation over the dinner table, or you just can’t track what your best friend is saying, you might be struggling with hearing loss. So what are your next steps? Fortunately, addressing your hearing loss is fairly straightforward.

Take an Online Test

There are a huge number of online hearing tests available to you that can give you a sense of where your hearing stands. It’s important to remember that these free tests aren’t a substitute for working with a qualified audiologist, but they can inform your decisions about what to do next.

Meet With a Professional Audiologist

You might have taken an online test, or you just know that your hearing isn’t what it used to be. Whatever the reason, making an appointment with an audiologist at Platinum Hearing aids is a great next step. Your audiologist will work with you and have you take a simple hearing test. As part of this test, they’ll ask about things like your lifestyle and whether you are around loud noises often or were in the past. They’ll also ask about your family and medical history. They’ll also use a few different machines to get an accurate sense of your hearing levels and provide a clear measurement of your hearing loss.

Together, you and your audiologist will outline their findings and your treatment options. In some cases, it could be as simple as making a few lifestyle changes. In other cases, you might need to work with an audiologist to get a pair of hearing aids.

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