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Platinum Hearing Aids Reviews

At Platinum Hearing Aids, our experienced audiologists and staff strive to provide our patients with exceptional care and treatment in the Allen Park and Southfield area. Which is why we use the most advanced technology in our hearing aids, so that our patients can achieve vibrant, full-spectrum hearing. Whether it’s as simple as a hearing test or crucial as a hearing aid, our audiologists work hard to ensure that each patient receives a personalized treatment that will fit their needs.

Our patients’ happiness is important to us, which is why we love to hear their thoughts on their experience. At Platinum Hearing Aids, we know that a crucial factor in creating a positive treatment for our patients is through their experience. That is why we encourage patient feedback, so we can continuously strive to improve their experience. If you are in need of a hearing aid, or any other treatments from an audiologist in the greater Detroit area, please read the reviews below to get an idea of the great work we do here at Platinum Hearing Aids.

 “Wonderful man.”

– Emily

“Exceptional Doctor and Surgeon. My family has been seeing Dr.Pinnock for 30+ years since my kids were infants. There is a wait both for getting an appointment and to see the Doctor when you get there. I do understand that as he is a Specialty Physician and Surgeon so this is typical but so worth it. I will never go elsewhere and hate to think of the day Pinnock retires.”

– Trenton

“Dr. Pinnock Is a wonderful and caring Dr. he has seen me many times as well as my son and I would highly recommend him.”

– Brook

“Very knowledgeable, well experienced. Knew exactly what I needed just by me talking before I opened my mouth for him.”

– Taylor

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