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Hearing Aids Detroit: Signs That You Need to See an Audiologist
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Signs That You Need to See an Audiologist

Whether you’re 20 years old or 60, having a conversation about your hearing is challenging and can be emotional as well. But if you have noticed that you’re having difficulty hearing, it’s a conversation that must take place. But what if you aren’t sure whether you’re developing hearing loss or not? Because it can happen gradually over time, it may not be a sudden change that you notice right away. At Platinum Hearing Aids, we want to help educate our patients about all things hearing, including the signs that you need to come visit our Detroit office. After an initial hearing test, if we find that you would benefit from hearing aids, we’ll take great care of you and your hearing.

Signs You Need to See an Audiologist


It may feel like people are jumbling their words a bit more often than before, or that restaurants are getting more and more noisy so it’s harder to hear people now. However, it may be more likely that everyone is talking the same and there is a hearing problem developing. If you are consistently having to ask people to repeat themselves, or if it seems like people have begun to mumble more than usual, it may be time for a hearing test.

Last to Laugh

Do you have a friend who is always telling jokes? Even when the punchline is easy to understand, if it still takes you a minute to fully comprehend the joke, this could be a sign of hearing loss. Similar to reading, your brain can fill in letters and words here and there because overall it will understand the concept even if you skip over some of the smaller words. When you’re listening to a story or a joke, you may miss a word or two here and there, but it will take longer for your brain to make the connection.

Avoiding a Noisy Restaurant

Or any environment that you’ve had difficulty holding a conversation in, for that matter. Many people recognize that restaurants, concerts, or even shopping malls can be challenging places in which to have a conversation, but it’s when you have a hard time hearing or understanding what people are saying because of just a moderate noise level is when it’s time to see an audiologist.

Turning up the Volume

If everyone in your household is complaining about the sound on the TV being too loud, but you’re still having a hard time hearing what characters are saying, you may need hearing aids. Or if you have complained about the sound quality and everyone else thinks it’s fine, you could be developing a hearing problem. A visit to your audiologist for a quick test will determine whether or not you need hearing aids.

Ringing in Your Ears

Did you, or do you, go to noisy concerts? If you’re experiencing a ringing in your ears due to being exposed to loud noises over time, this could be a sign of a more serious problem called tinnitus. If you have experienced one or more of these, give our Detroit office a call today. Our audiologists are passionate about finding a hearing aid solution that is right for you. Schedule an appointment today with a caring and professional doctor.