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Common Myths About Hearing

At Platinum Hearing Aids, it’s our goal to help everyone around Dearborn, Detroit, Allen Park, and Southfield, MI achieve the highest quality of audiology care so that they can experience life with fully-functioning hearing. We’re glad to offer hearing tests that will determine the degree of hearing loss within a patient and with our highly effective hearing aids, we can dramatically improve a patient’s hearing. As your trusted Dearborn audiologist, we always strive to help our patients learn more about hearing and understand what they can do to best ensure the functionality of their ears. We place an emphasis on educating our patients because there are many popular myths about hearing that may cause people to develop the wrong ideas about hearing loss. We’d like to take this time to disprove some of the more common myths about hearing.

Myth #1 – Hearing Loss Only Affects Old People

This is untrue. Statistics have shown that about half of the people who have hearing loss are under the age of 65. Not only that, but over a million children suffer from some form of hearing loss. Hearing loss can affect people no matter what age they are.

Myth #2 – Being Hearing Impaired Means Sounds Aren’t Loud Enough

Hearing isn’t just about loudness – hearing is also about the pitch of the sound. In many cases of hearing loss, it’s harder to hear higher pitches, especially when there’s plenty of background noise around. This is also why personal sound amplifiers aren’t nearly as effective as hearing aids.

Myth #3 – My Doctor Would Tell Me If I Have Hearing Loss

This isn’t always true. Most physicians don’t actually screen for hearing loss. In addition, physicians’ offices provide the optimal locations for hearing: small, quiet areas without a lot of background noise. It’s likely that your doctor wouldn’t realize the extent of your hearing problem if he or she even recognized that you had a hearing problem in the first place.

Myth #4 – Minor Surgery Can Fix My Hearing Problem

Unfortunately, there are many people who want to avoid the route of getting hearing aids and believe that a simple surgery can fix their hearing problem. This generally isn’t the case though. While surgery can help heal certain types of hearing loss, only about 5 to 10 percent of patients with hearing loss can be helped with it. In other cases, hearing aids are highly recommended.

Myth #5 – Hearing Aids Will Restore My Hearing to Normal

They’re called hearing ‘aids’ because they’re meant to assist your hearing, not heal it completely. Hearing aids will train and condition your brain to pick up on sounds that hearing loss has caused it to miss. It’s a process and it will take time to retrain your brain to notice these sounds.

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