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Hearing Aids Detroit: Protecting Your Hearing Aids During the Summer
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Protecting Your Hearing Aids During the Summer

If you’re new to wearing hearing aids, you may have already noticed the challenges that certain temperatures can bring. In the winter, you’re constantly going back and forth between the outside cold weather and the inside warmth, which can cause condensation to form and damage your device. Even though the temperature may be slightly more consistent in the summer, there are other unique challenges to face. Here are some tips to ensure your hearing aids are safe throughout the Detroit summer.

Watch for Moisture

Even with water-resistant or waterproof hearing aids, it’s important to protect them from water and sweat that can harm the tiny parts of the device. If you’re outside in the heat, keep a dry cloth close by so you can protect them from sweat and keep them as dry as possible. You should also wear a sweatband if you are exercising. We wish you could swim with your hearing aid, but it’s best to take them out before getting in the pool.

Avoid High Temperatures

Devices that are left in high temperatures can eventually break down, so it’s important to avoid extreme heat as much as possible. When you are outside, take them out occasionally to let them cool and keep them in a cool, dry place when you’re not using them.

Be Careful With Sunscreen

First, it’s important to not avoid sunscreen just because of your hearing aids. However, when you are applying lotion, consider removing the hearing aids first, and then washing your hands before putting them back in. The chemicals in the lotion can cause permanent damage to the device. This is especially important when using a spray sunscreen that you don’t have as much control over.


To fight fungi and bacterial growth on your hearing aids, use antimicrobial wipes to clean the device. This should be done regularly to prevent harmful contaminants from damaging the aids. Keep some wipes available wherever you are, so that if something should happen, you can clean them right away.


If you’re planning a summer vacation, it’s important to plan ahead so that you can fully enjoy the trip. Be sure to pack some extra batteries, cleaning supplies, and a waterproof container that you can store the aids in when you’re not using them. Before you book a hotel, be sure that they offer accommodations for the hearing impaired, including visual cues for phones, doorbells, and alarms. The audiologists at Platinum Hearing Aids want you to have a fun, worry-free summer! Use these safety precautions to protect your hearing aids and we hope you have a wonderful summer.