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Hearing Aids Detroit: Tips on Not Losing Your Hearing Aids
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Tips on Not Losing Your Hearing Aids

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We lose our keys, our socks, wallet, glasses, remotes, earrings, shoes — why not add hearing aids to the list? It’s small, we can take them out and forget where we put them, and some models look interesting enough where kids or even dogs want to pick them up and play with them. When it comes to keeping track of small items like hearing aids, there are two essential strategies that will prevent them from disappearing too often: storage and creating a habit. At Platinum Hearing Aids, we want to help patients throughout their journey, from the first hearing test to the final fitting, and even beyond to yearly checkups, upgrades, cleanings, and more. We understand that losing your hearing and having to go through the process of getting hearing aids is challenging and can be emotionally difficult. But we have helped countless patients get the help they need and the right product that will ensure they have a high quality of life. Contact your local Detroit audiologist if you believe it’s time for yourself or a loved one to be fitted for a hearing aid.

Keeping Track of Your Hearing Aids: Your Daily Routine

Going to bed at night

As you’re going to bed, keep a carrying case for the hearing aids by your bedside table. You’ll want to make sure that the aids are clean, so wipe them down with a clean cloth before putting them into the clean case. Keeping them on the bedside table will ensure that you can still have a conversation as you’re going to bed, but if you prefer, you can also keep them in the bathroom.  

Waking up in the morning

Whether you left the case on the bedside table or in the bathroom, be sure to keep that location the same each and every night so you are sure to find them easily.  

Taking a shower

If you’re a morning shower type, be sure to keep your hearing aids off when you shower to prevent water and moisture damage. Now, you can find the case where you put them the night before, put them on, and continue getting ready for the day.  

Throughout the day

As you go through your day, there may not be many situations where you’ll need to take your hearing aids out. If you do, however, always keep a case on you so that you have a safe place to store them.  

Make Storage a Habit

In your purse, in the drawer of your nightstand, in a cupboard in the bathroom, in a bowl on the kitchen countertop, in a container on the end table in the living room — wherever you choose to keep your aids, keep these locations consistent. If you do find yourself without your hearing aids, you will at least have a limited number of locations to look for them.  

Keep Them High

Hearing aids can often be quite small, so it’s important to keep them up high enough so that they are out of reach of kids and pets. If there are children in your home, make it a rule that your aids are not a toy and should never be handled without an adult.  

Be Wary of Pockets

If you’re out running errands or out in the yard and decide you want a break from your hearing aids, avoid simply putting them in your pocket. Not only does this increase the chance of them getting damaged, but nearly all clothing types have pockets so it’s easier to forget which pocket of which piece of clothing you put them in.   In our next blog, we’ll go over what you can do if you do lose your hearing aids. If it’s time for a hearing test, be sure to schedule an appointment with an audiologist at Platinum Hearing Aids today.