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Why Does Age-Related Hearing Loss Occur?

At Platinum Hearing Aids, we strive to be your choice when you’re looking for Allen Park, Detroit, or Southfield hearing aids or audiology care. It’s our goal to provide each and every single one of our patients with the ability to hear at their fullest for their entire life. Unfortunately, as we grow older, hearing loss tends to become more common. As your trusted Allen Park and Southfield hearing aid specialists, we want to help you through any age-related hearing loss that may occur to you.

What Is Age-Related Hearing Loss?

Age-related hearing loss is the gradual loss of hearing as we get older. It’s one of the most common conditions that affects older adults; it’s estimated that it affects a third of those between the ages of 65 and 74 and about half of everyone that’s 75 years or older! Age-related hearing loss typically occurs in both ears at an equal amount.

Why Does It Occur?

There’s no known single cause when it comes to age-related hearing loss. It occurs by changes in your inner ear as you grow older. We all have tiny hair cells inside our inner ears that pick up sound waves that help us hear. When these hair cells die or are damaged, hearing loss occurs. Since these hair cells don’t grow back, most hearing loss is permanent.

How Do I Know If I Have a Hearing Problem?

Many people with age-related hearing loss may not even realize that they have a hearing problem because the loss of hearing occurs gradually. Some of the signs that make it likely that you have a hearing problem are if you:
  • Have difficulty understanding people.
  • Have problems distinguishing between certain sounds, like ‘s’ and ‘th.’
  • Get frustrated talking to others because of your difficulty hearing them.
  • Feel limited in your hearing ability.
  • Have problems hearing in noisy areas.
  • Need to have your TV or radio at a much higher level than others do.
  • Have a hard time hearing at the movie theater.
  • Hear ringing in your ears.

How Can I Treat This Condition?

While, unfortunately, there’s no way current way to prevent or reverse age-related hearing loss, there are things you can use to help assist you in hearing and understanding more clearly. These include:
  • Hearing Aids – These are small electronic instruments that you wear in or behind your ears. Hearing aids operate by conditioning your brain to pick up on sounds that it would normally miss.
  • Cochlear Implants – These are small electronic devices that are surgically implanted in your ear in order to provide a sense of sound. These are meant for those who are experiencing more severe hearing loss.
  • Assistive Listening Devices – These are essentially amplifying device applications that you can keep on your smartphone or tablet. They act as amplifiers to bring sound directly into your ear.

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