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Will Hearing Aids Help My Tinnitus?

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What is Tinnitus?

People who suffer from tinnitus hear noises or ringing in their ears, ranging from intermittent sounds in one ear to a continuous buzzing sound in both ears. These sounds can be high pitched squeals or low rumbles which can be disruptive and alarming, causing a loss of focus and concentration. Most people develop tinnitus as a symptom of hearing loss, caused by either aging, long-term hearing damage or acute trauma to the auditory system.

How a Hearing Aid Can Help

Having tinnitus can make it challenging and even impossible for the sufferer to follow conversations, talk on the phone, watch TV or listen to the radio. A hearing aid can prove very helpful by enhancing the external volume of these activities above the perceived volume of tinnitus. Resulting in far less frustration and social isolation felt, improving quality of life. When a hearing aid is worn by someone with tinnitus, the hearing mechanism and brain receives more natural stimulation from environmental sounds and conversations. This ability to hear more natural environmental sounds provides a “masking” effect for the tinnitus. In other words, the hearing aid allows the wearer to hear what they’re supposed to hear while covering up the sounds of the tinnitus.

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