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Hearing Aid Technology Over The Years | Blog
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Hearing Aids over the Years

At Platinum Hearing Aids, we hope to be your choice when you’re looking for Allen Park and Southfield tinnitus treatment, hearing aids, and all-around audiology care. As we specialize in hearing aids, we’re proud to offer you our high-quality and technologically advanced hearing aids for patients of all ages. The leaps that hearing aids have taken over the past several years have been tremendous; here are just a few of the major advances that were recently made.

Smartphone Accessibility

Everyone nowadays is so connected into their smartphones that it only seems fitting that modern hearing aids can be controlled by them. You can use the smartphones to adjust the hearing level in your hearing aids in addition to using the smartphone itself as a listening device.

Advanced Algorithms

Modern hearing aids use sophisticated computer technology to make hearing aids adjust and find your optimal comfort and listening level. Some of these noise-filtering algorithms improve the spoken word recognition of patients by up to 90 percent!

Dyed Hearing Aid Tubes

While these won’t improve the quality of one’s hearing, they turn wearing a hearing aid into an almost entirely discreet treatment. For many patients, the nervousness of having to wear hearing aids in public can be discomforting for patients; letting them feel like just another person in public is just as important as improving their hearing.

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