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Ways to Protect Your Hearing

The measures that you take to preserve your hearing are of high importance. There are a few different ways that hearing damage manifests, however the most common are ringing in the ears and hearing loss. If one does not take precautionary measures, they are likely to damage their hearing at one point or another. We at Platinum Hearing Aids encourage our patients to protect their hearing capabilities by doing the following.

1. Avoid constant exposure to loud noises.

One thing that most who experience dramatic hearing loss report is spending a lot of time surrounded by loud noises. Often times, this can be attributed to their former line of work. If at all possible, stay away from constant exposure to loud noises, because over time it can have detrimental effects. 

2. Use earplugs whenever you must expose yourself to loud noises.

If loud surroundings are unavoidable, we recommend protecting yourself by using earplugs. You can find these at or your local drugstore.

3. Keep the volume at a reasonable level. 

If you or someone close to you has control of the volume, lower it. As a general rule of thumb, noise levels above 105 decibels can damage hearing if exposed to it for more than 15 minutes a week.

4. Use noise-cancelling headphones to protect against loud noises. 

Just as you can protect your hearing with earplugs, noise-cancelling headphones can also protect your ears from temporary or permanent damage.

5. See your Southfield audiologist for regular checkups.

Remember to see your Southfield audiologist for a regular checkup and/or hearing assessment. If you are seeking a Southfield hearing test, visit Platinum Hearing Aids and we will gladly assess the health of your hearing. Seeing an audiologist on a regular basis can help safeguard against any permanent hearing loss.