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Adjusting to a New Hearing Aid

At Platinum Hearing Aids in Allen Park and Southfield, MI our primary goal is to help our patients improve their hearing after hearing loss. The best way to help your ears after hearing loss is to wear a hearing aid. We provide our patients some of the best options when it comes to hearing aids in Southfield and Allen Park, MI. When getting new hearing aids, patients often don’t realize that there is a learning curve to wearing hearing aids. Most people need a few weeks to get used to sounds they haven’t heard in some time. Having realistic expectations along with retraining your ears can go a long way when adjusting to new hearing aids for the first time.

Ease into Your Hearing Aids

When you first start wearing your hearing aids, it will be a significant change from what you’re used to. Because it can be overwhelming at times, you should start your first day wearing your hearing aids in a quiet room. When you put them on you will hear sounds you might not have been able to hear for a while. These sounds might be overwhelming at first, but your ears just aren’t used to hearing them. After a while, your ears will soon adjust, and it will be normal. If it is still too overwhelming for the first few weeks, try only wearing them a few hours a day. Keep them on in quieter environments and slowly start wearing them more and more often throughout the day. You’ll soon filter out ambient noises. Then, when you visit Platinum Hearing Aids in Allen Park and Southfield, MI we can make minute adjustments during your follow-up visits.

Relearning Vocal Patterns & Listening

Our patients are often surprised how different their friends and family sound now that they can hear better. Sometimes, it’s even hard to understand words in general. After hearing loss, your brain starts to adapt to the lack of hearing definition and changes the way you recognize words. When we begin wearing hearing aids, that process must be done again. If you are having trouble hearing words and listening after you start wearing hearing aids, there are a few things you can do to help:
  • Read out loud your favorite book or listen to a book's audio recording while you read along.
  • When watching TV and movies, keep the subtitles on so you can also read what the actors are saying.
  • Have your family members adjust the volume on your television and radio to a reasonable listening level to help your ears adapt to normal levels again.
  • Talk to groups of people and try to focus on the person you're talking to, watching their nonverbal communication and lip movements.
By consistently practicing the tips above you will quickly soon be on your way to carrying on conversations.

Make Sure to Visit Platinum Hearing Aids

As you progress and get better and better at using your hearing aids start wearing them more often until soon, you’ll be wearing them all day. It’s important to allow your ears and brain adjust to your new hearing aids, and with time they will allow you to hear as much as you possibly can. While you’re on your journey to better hearing, make sure to schedule your follow-up visits with our doctors at Platinum Hearing Aids so we can help you make adjustments to your hearing aids. If you think you might have hearing aids or have hearing loss, contact us today and schedule a hearing test. We will help you determine your severity of your hearing loss and your options available. We hope to see you soon!