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Assistive Listening Technology

Assistive Listening Technology in Detroit, MI

Hearing aids are incredibly useful tools and have transformed the lives of countless individuals with hearing complications. While hearing aids are the most well-known devices to augment the ability to hear, there are many other products and innovations that can help with numerous forms of communication including one-on-one communication, large events, movies, theatres, meetings, classrooms, concerts or public halls.

Hearing Assistive Devices

Hearing assistive devices, also known as assistive listening devices, can be used in isolation or in combination with many hearing aids. These devices provide highly accurate and detailed sound assistant in specific listening situations such as the telephone, noisy backgrounds, or small or large group listening settings. At Platinum Hearing Aids in Allen Park and Southfield, Michigan, doctors Lascelles Pinnock and Joseph Seymour are always on the cutting edge of audiologist technologies and can help you with your specific listening needs. Our Detroit area audiologists offer an array of hearing solutions, but our most common assistive listening devices are detailed below.

Cochlear Implants

A cochlear implant is an electronic device that augments the ability to hear by using an electronic pulse to stimulate the nerves inside the inner ear. Cochlear implants are comprised of two main components – the external component and the internal component.

  • External Component – comprised of an externally-worn microphone, sound processor and transmitter system
  • Internal Component – composed of an implanted receiver and electrode system. This contains the electronic circuits that sense signals from the external system and send electrical signals to the inner ear.

Implantable Middle Ear Hearing Devices

Implantable Middle Ear Hearing Devices (IMEHDs) are attached to one of the tiny bones in the middle ear and help to increase transmission of sound to the area. Because they are directly attached to the bones in the ear, IMEHDs vibrate and move the middle ear bones when they receive sound waves. The movement causes sound vibrations in the inner hear helping the user to detect and interpret sound. IMEHDs are predominately used for individuals suffering from sensorinueral hearing loss.

Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids

Similar to a cochlear implant, a bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA) has both internal and external apparatuses. The internal, implanted piece is a small post that is attached surgically to the skull bone behind the ear. The external component connects directly to the implanted post. It acts as a speech processor and converts sound into vibrations. The mechanism transmits sound directly to the inner ear, bypassing the middle ear entirely. NAHAs are used by individuals who have no hearing in one ear or people experiencing middle hearing problems (usually a mixed hearing loss).

Personal Sound Amplification Products

Personal sound amplification products, or PSAPs, are sound amplifiers. They act as sound amplifiers for individuals that do not suffer from any form of hearing impairment. PSAPS are useful for an abundance of situations including bird watching, lectures, hunting, and listening to distant sounds that the naked ear could not hear. PSAPs are not made for people with impaired hearing to compensate for hearing deficiencies.

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