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Tips on Not Losing Your Hearing Aids

picture of man looking at his detroit hearing aids

We lose our keys, our socks, wallet, glasses, remotes, earrings, shoes — why not add hearing aids to the list? It’s small, we can take them out and forget where we put them, and some models look interesting enough where kids or even dogs want to pick them up and play with them. When it comes to keeping track of small items like hearing aids, there are two essential strategies that will prevent them from disappearing too often: storage and creating a habit. At Platinum Hearing Aids, we want to help patients throughout their journey, from the first hearing test to the final fitting, and even beyond to yearly checkups, upgrades, cleanings, and more. We understand that losing your hearing and having to go through the process of getting h....

How to Talk to Your Parents About Hearing Loss

picture of older woman in wheelchair having lunch and talking

It’s difficult to realize that parents age, and can be even harder to actually see them getting older and watching them experience the changes that occur as the years go by. While watching them grow old is difficult, having a conversation about changes in lifestyle can be even more emotionally challenging, regardless of what the issue or situation is. Seniors face a variety of issues, including joint pain, eyesight problems, and hearing loss. In this blog, we’re going to offer some tips on how to have a conversation with your loved one about getting hearing aids. Our audiologists have worked with countless patients, both young and old, and we understand how this change can be hard to come to terms with — it’s another sign they ar....