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Care And Use

Hearing Aids – Care & Use

As with anything new in life, hearing aids take a little time to get used to. Soon, you’ll discover that hearing aids are wonderful tools to help you enjoy the sounds of the world. Becoming used to the hearing aids is a big part of the hearing recovery process. Hearing aids today use the latest technology and are highly sensitive to an individual’s needs. At Platinum Hearing Aids based in Detroit, MI, we are committed to helping you conquer hearing loss. Below are several tips to help ensure that your hearing aids feel natural and operate to their maximum capabilities.

Speaking with Others

Human speech is an intricate sound containing many different tones and decibel levels. Your hearing aids will be most effective if you initially begin to use them at home with someone you are comfortable with and know well.

Communication involves the combination of a variety of elements not limited to just sound. In fact, visual cues play a very important role. That’s why learning with someone you know well is paramount in the initial stages of learning as you are more in tune with their facial expressions and gestures.

Positioning also plays a big role in listening with hearing aids. Hearing aids, like your ears, are made to pick up sound from the front, so be sure to position yourself directly in front of people as they speak. If you know the speaker well enough, kindly ask them to try to refrain from covering their mouth while talking.

Complex Sound Environments

As you begin to build confidence wearing your hearing aid, practice selecting specific sounds and/or voices and focusing your attention on them. If you are with a loud group, try and position yourself as close to the speaker or sound source as possible. In situations like a restaurant setting, do your best to sit with your back facing the main source of noise whether that’s the sound coming from others in the restaurant, an open window, a busy street corner, Etc.


For both television and radio, you’ll need to learn the best distance between you and the sound source by trial and error. Typically the “sweet spot” is between 6-12 feet (2-4 meters) from the TV/radio. In general, you’ll get the best sound quality if the background noise is eliminated and you are close to the source of the sound.


You may experience difficulty hearing on the phone with hearing aids. Sometimes your hearing aid may buzz while on the phone. To combat this issue, many hearing aids contain telecoils to eliminate the buzzing. Hands-free systems like headphones are also helpful. If you only wear one hearing aid, try to listen to phone conversations using the other ear.

Caring For Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids must be clean at all times to ensure optimal performance. To clean your hearing devices, use a soft, dry cloth. Never use any cleaning supplies on your hearing aids including alcohol or cleaning solvents. Talk to your doctor at Platinum Hearing Aids to learn about special cleaning products designed for hearing aids.

Protect Hearing Aids from Dirt

Before handling a hearing aid, always make sure your hands are both clean and dry. Improper handling can result in blockage of the microphone input.

Have an Expert Repair Broken Hearing Aids

If your hearings aids do get dirty or begin to function improperly, have one of our Platinum Hearing Aids experts in Allen Park or Southfield fix the problem. Hearing aid technology is highly advanced but also highly delicate and improper handling could result in irreparable damage.

Handling Hearing Aids When Not in Use

Hearing aids must be stored out of reach of children and pets. Devices that are removed, but not deactivated can emit a high frequency noise that may be aggravating to dogs. Be careful when applying hairspray and/or make-up as the fine particles have been known to clog the microphone input and volume control switch.
Always carry your hearing aids in the provided, protective case to protect them from dust and dirt damage.

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