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How Loud Noises Affect Your Hearing Permanently

Nearly 10 percent of all Americans have some degree of hearing loss that affects their ability to understand normal speech. While aging is the most common cause of hearing loss, exposure to excessive & loud noises can also result in diminished hearing. This is why the experts at Platinum Hearing Aids recommend avoiding extremely loud sounds as doing so can protect your hearing. The nerve endings present in the inner ear can become damaged when exposed to excessively loud sound. If loud noises are consistently heard, these nerve endings can be completely destroyed. Once a nerve ending no longer lives, there is no way it can be restored to result in permanent damage. Just being close to loud noises can negatively affect your hearing an....

Best Nutrition For Good Hearing

It should come as no surprise to you that here at Platinum Hearing Aids, we are concerned with the health of your hearing. As audiologists in Southfield, we try to educate others on the importance of protecting your hearing. With that being said, we have extensive knowledge about how best to protect your hearing, and one of those ways is through proper nutrition. While avoiding extremely loud noises and guarding your ears from the dangers of ear infections are great places to start, eating the following foods on a consistent basis may also help. Fatty Fish Fish such as salmon, tuna, trout and sardines contain high levels of omega 3 fats, which is claimed to prevent hearing loss by strengthening the blood vessels in our ears. Green Vegeta....