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Hearing Aid Styles - Platinum Hearing Aids
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Hearing Aid Styles

Anyone with a hearing disorder can tell you that modern hearing aids are miracles of modern technology. Platinum Hearing Aids is committed to providing patients in the Dearborn, Southfield, and Detroit metro area with the latest innovations, such as digital hearing aids. Dr. Pinnock and Dr. Seymour are proud to offer three different models of hearing aids to patients. After a patient’s hearing test, we guide the process of choosing the right model for the patient’s specific needs, whether it's a custom model, behind the ear models, or the remote microphone hearing aids.


Custom Models

Custom hearing aid models are built specifically to fit the shape of your ear canal for maximum comfort and optimum results. Not only is this model effective in helping you hear better, but it also comes in multiple skin tones for modesty. The customized model is for patients that are considered to have mild to moderate hearing loss. The smallest versions of this hearing aid will fit in the canal of your ear making them virtually invisible.


Behind-The-Ear Model

The behind-the-ear model also referred to as a BTE hearing aid and is available for all variations of hearing loss. As the name suggests this aid can comfortably be worn behind a patient’s ear. A BTE aid functions by small signals being amplified and transmitted through the ear via small unobtrusive tubes. These hearing aids are available in a multitude of colors, styles, and designs for your aesthetic preference. Many of these styles are now available in micro-forms making them extremely discreet and nearly undetectable.

remote mic

Remote Microphone Hearing Aids

The remote microphone hearing aids are the latest in hearing aid technology developed by ReSound. This is the ideal combination of the customized aid and the BTE model. With this type of hearing aid, the microphone is located on the outer ear and is connected to the main hearing aid by a thin transparent tube. What you are left with is a virtually invisible hearing aid that offers ultimate comfort while suppressing outside noises such as wind noise. This model is best suited for patients with mild or moderate hearing loss.

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If you have any questions about the hearing aids described above or the process of fitting and tuning, please feel free to contact us. If you haven’t received a hearing test in the last 3 years and are in the Dearborn, Southfield, or Detroit Metro area, please come visit us at our Allen Park or Southfield, Michigan office locations. We hope to hear from you soon!