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Hearing Center Detroit: Why Hearing Loss Occurs
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Why Hearing Loss Occurs

Hearing is a very complex and intricate process requiring three sections of the ear to work together to produce sound. If there is damage to any part of the process, hearing problems can begin to occur which may result in the need for a hearing aid. There are many things that can cause hearing loss including: Inner Ear Damage – Aging and being exposed to loud noises over a long period of time can cause inner ear damage wherein the hairs or nerve cells in the cochlea wear down to negatively affect the hearing. Buildup of Earwax – Over time, earwax can build up inside the ear and can lead to a blockage of the ear canal, which can prevent the conduction of sound waves. Fortunately, this can be remedied by simply removing the earwax. Infections, Bone Growths, or Tumors – Infections, tumors, or abnormal bone growths in the outer or middle ear can lead to hearing loss. Certain Medications – Some medications can cause hearing loss such as specific antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs which are platinum-based. A Ruptured Eardrum – The eardrum can rupture due to infection, a loud blast of noise, or from poking the eardrum with an object wherein hearing loss can occur. Repeated Exposure to Loud Sounds – People who are constantly exposed to loud sounds can suffer from hearing loss such as factory workers, construction workers, musicians, and firemen. Even listening to very loud music while wearing headphones over a period of time can result in hearing loss due to the loud noise damaging the hair cells in the cochlea.

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