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How to Choose the Right Hearing Aid

At Platinum Hearing Aids, our mission is to help everyone in the Dearborn, Southfield, & Detroit, MI area achieve vibrant, crystal-clear hearing. For those suffering from hearing loss, hearing aids can provide a convenient, effective way to restore hearing – but there are many types of aids available, and it can be difficult to know which is the best for you. Ultimately, it comes down to finding the best aid for your unique situation and the degree of your hearing loss. Types of Hearing Aids Hearing aids come in a variety of types and styles, and each is best-suited to a different level of hearing loss. You should choose a design based on the intensity of your hearing loss and how inconspicuous you want your aid to be. Types of he....

How to Take Care of Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are more than an assistance device for Dr. Pinnock. After helping patients in and around Dearborn, Southfield, and the greater Detroit area with their hearing loss for the past 30 years, we believe become a part of our patients. Hearing aids allow our patients who come into our Southfield audiologist’s office to get something they once had or might of never had, the gift of sound. Since this gift is something so special to our patients and us, it is important to take care of your hearing aids so they last as long as possible. Our doctors will give you detailed instructions on hearing aid care when you first receive them, but here are some reminders and added tips on hearing aid care. Perform Listening Checks Daily Just like....