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Ten Reasons To Wear Two Aids

Although, you can survive with just one ear (or one arm or one leg or one eye), life is ever so much easier and pleasant when you have both functioning properly. You gain many advantages from having two equally-functioning ears. Here are ten reasons why you should wear two hearing aids if you have a hearing loss in both ears. 1. Better localization The ability to pinpoint the source of a sound is something we use everyday, though we most often do not even realize it. It happens automatically, at least when both ears are operating at peak performance levels. By wearing two hearing aids, you can better locate the source of sounds. Indeed, a person may save money by only buying one hearing aid, but they will also lose some or all of ....

Hearing Aid Styles

Anyone with a hearing disorder can tell you that modern hearing aids are miracles of modern technology. Platinum Hearing Aids is committed to providing patients in the Dearborn, Southfield, and Detroit metro area with the latest innovations, such as digital hearing aids. Dr. Pinnock and Dr. Seymour are proud to offer three different models of hearing aids to patients. After a patient’s hearing test, we guide the process of choosing the right model for the patient’s specific needs, whether it's a custom model, behind the ear models, or the remote microphone hearing aids. Custom Models Custom hearing aid models are built specifically to fit the shape of your ear canal for maximum comfort and optimum results. Not only is this model ef....