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Care And Use

Hearing Aids – Care & Use As with anything new in life, hearing aids take a little time to get used to. Soon, you’ll discover that hearing aids are wonderful tools to help you enjoy the sounds of the world. Becoming used to the hearing aids is a big part of the hearing recovery process. Hearing aids today use the latest technology and are highly sensitive to an individual’s needs. At Platinum Hearing Aids based in Detroit, MI, we are committed to helping you conquer hearing loss. Below are several tips to help ensure that your hearing aids feel natural and operate to their maximum capabilities. Speaking with Others Human speech is an intricate sound containing many different tones and decibel levels. Your hearing ai....

Realistic Expectations

Dearborn & Detroit, Michigan Hearing Aid Specialist Platinum Hearing Aids has been the Detroit, Michigan area’s premier hearing aid provider for over three decades, with offices located in Southfield and Allen Park, Michigan. Together with their team, Dr. Pinnock & Dr. Seymour provide expert testing and fitting of hearing aids, allowing patients to hear the world like never before. Our Practice’s goal is to exceed the expectations of our hearing aid users, which starts with a good understanding of what to expect when you’re new to hearing aids. Read below to find out how hearing aids can improve your hearing and schedule an appointment today for your hearing evaluation. We look forward to your visit! Your First Days Wit....