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Digital Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Specialists In Detroit Hearing aid technology is moving forward faster than ever. Dr. Pinnock and Dr. Seymour of Platinum Hearing Aids are here to guide you through the selection process with the help of our audiologists. From a patient’s initial hearing test to the final fitting of your new, digital hearing aid, our staff recognizes each patient’s unique needs and pairs them with a device that they’ll love. Schedule your appointment today so you can enjoy the world the way it was meant to be heard! Hear the World Like N....

Hearing Aid Styles

Anyone with a hearing disorder can tell you that modern hearing aids are miracles of modern technology. Platinum Hearing Aids is committed to providing patients in the Dearborn, Southfield, and Detroit metro area with the latest innovations, such as digital hearing aids. Dr. Pinnock and Dr. Seymour are proud to offer three different models of hearing aids to patients. After a patient’s hearing test, we guide the process of choosing the right model for the patient’s specific needs, whether it's a custom model, behind the ear models, or the ....