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Realistic Expectations

Dearborn & Detroit, Michigan Hearing Aid Specialist Platinum Hearing Aids has been the Detroit, Michigan area’s premier hearing aid provider for over three decades, with offices located in Southfield and Allen Park, Michigan. Together with their team, Dr. Pinnock & Dr. Seymour provide expert testing and fitting of hearing aids, allowing patients to hear the world like never before. Our Practice’s goal is to exceed the expectations of our hearing aid users, which starts with a good understanding of what to expect when you’re new ....

Ten Reasons To Wear Two Aids

Although, you can survive with just one ear (or one arm or one leg or one eye), life is ever so much easier and pleasant when you have both functioning properly. You gain many advantages from having two equally-functioning ears. Here are ten reasons why you should wear two hearing aids if you have a hearing loss in both ears. 1. Better localization The ability to pinpoint the source of a sound is something we use everyday, though we most often do not even realize it. It happens automatically, at least when both ears are operating at p....