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Assistive Listening Technology

Assistive Listening Technology in Detroit, MI Hearing aids are incredibly useful tools and have transformed the lives of countless individuals with hearing complications. While hearing aids are the most well-known devices to augment the ability to hear, there are many other products and innovations that can help with numerous forms of communication including one-on-one communication, large events, movies, theatres, meetings, classrooms, concerts or public halls. Hearing Assistive Devices Hearing assistive devices, also known as a....

Communication Strategies

By following the suggestions below, you can communicate much better with someone who has hearing loss. You can communicate better by: Speaking clearly and naturally Speak in a normal tone of voice. Shouting makes many words hard to understand. Don't slow your speech. Speak at a pace that allows words to be clearly distinguished from one another, but not so slowly that you lose the natural rhythm. Attracting the listener's attention before you begin speaking Before you begin to speak, be sure the listener knows you want....